Mark Smith - Utila RE/MAX Real Estate Agent
If you are looking for somebody with an in-depth background in Utila Real Estate and the Utila Community, a detailed knowledge of most properties in Utila, somebody who can guide you through the legal system and processes, a reputation for honesty, integrity & competency, then I am probably the person you are looking for.

  • I have been living on the Island of Utila since 2002. My wife is Honduran as are our 3 children. I have been very involved in the local Community. I volunteered at the Utila Community Clinic for over 5 years and was a Member of the Utila Community Clinic Board.
  • I have been involved with Utila Real Estate since March 2008 & I am familiar with most Homes and Land for sale in Utila and can advise on the quality of the various property Titles.
  • I speak English & some Spanish and I am experienced with Honduras legal processes for purchasing real estate. I am NOT an Attorney but can assist clients in working with a variety of Honduras Attorneys.

I am;

  • an international member of the USA based National Association of Realtors® (NAR),
  • a member of the Roatan Realtors Association (RRA), and
  • a member of the Cámara Nacional de Bienes Raíces de Honduras (CANABIRH),
    the Honduras National Chamber of Real Estate.