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Welcome to my ‘new’ Utila Real Estate Agent website.
My name is Mark Smith and I am a Realtor® and RE/MAX® Agent living in Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras.
I will freely confess it has taken me much, much, longer than I anticipated to replace my previous ‘Utila Real Estate Agent for RE/MAX Bay Islands’ website with this website as a Utila Real Estate Agent for RE/MAX Beach. While this website is still a work in progress some features are fully functional – specifically the Bay Islands MLS Listings section and anything related to the Bay Islands MLS (Multiple Listings Service) as the MLS database is maintained by individual Realtors® and Real Estate Brokers in the Bay Islands and can pretty much be guaranteed to be up to date with the details of individual real estate listings.

I am working as fast as I can to add real estate listings to the RE/MAX Beach Listings section of this website but is going to take me some time to complete as I have to manually add and maintain the RE/MAX Beach real estate listings.
RE/MAX Beach only has listings for real estate in Utila. RE/MAX Beach does not have any listings for real estate that is not located in Utila.
A few, but not all, of the RE/MAX Beach Listings may be included in all Bay Islands MLS Listings for Utila.

For Honduras, Bay Island MLS listings, I have created specific and separate pages for the different ‘types’ of real estate available in Utila, Roatan, and the Bay Islands of Honduras.
For example see:

Or even better yet, see the webpage Bay Islands MLS Listings which provides different ‘pre-configured’ searches based on the location and ‘type’ of real estate currently available for sale in the Bay Islands of Honduras.

Bottom Line: I am continually working on this website so please check back occasionally to look for (hopefully what are) improvements.

RE/MAX Beach Listings

I am working as fast as I can to add more RE/MAX Beach Listings.
In the meantime don't forget to check the Bay Islands MLS listings for Utila, available via the Bay Islands MLS Listings menu options as Utila - Homes For Sale, Utila - Land For Sale, etc