Hi there, I’m Mark Smith – a licensed REALTOR® (ID: 061233869) with a current Utila Municipality business permit held in my personal name. I am resident in the Jerico neighborhood of the island of Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras.
I am committed to safeguarding the privacy of your personal data.
This policy sets out how I handle your personal information if you’re a user or visitor to this website.
This policy is arguably ‘overkill’ given the scope of this website, but I have tried to make it compliant with the ‘standard advice’ available for website Privacy Policies.
When we say ‘me’ or ‘I’ it’s because that’s who I am and I own and run this site.
If I say ‘policy’ I’m talking about this policy. If I say ‘user terms’ I’m talking about the rules for using this website (there are none).

The type of personal information I collect

At this time this website does not offer the capability to become a registered user.
As such this website does gather or store personal information about users in a website database.
This website uses the WordPress content management system.
WordPress may create ‘cookies‘ in your web browser, but I have no control over or access to those cookies.
This website does provide options to Contact Me and Email me.
Such data is not stored on the website but sent to me as an email.

How I collect personal information

The only mechanism I have to collect personal information is when you send it to me as an email via one of the various ‘Contact’ forms on the website or if send me an email via one of the email addresses published on the website.

Personal information I collect about you from others

I only collect information about you when you send me a message or email.
I may look up other information sources such as social media, i.e. Facebook, to discover relevant information about you, but I do not store or record that information in any database controlled by me.

How I use your personal information

To respond to any emails you may send to me.

Providing your personal information to others

I never disclose your personal information without you approving me to do so via email.
There may be instances of where you wish me to put you in contact with a local builder, Honduras Attorney, etc.
In such cases I usually copy your original email to the person you wish to get in contact with.
I never provide your email address to marketing firms or others. Neither do I send ‘bulk emails’ or unsolicited emails.