The Bay Islands Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a database containing listings of real estate for sale in the Bay Islands of Honduras and is operated by the Roatan Realtors Association (RRA). The listings are provided by RRA members. While Utila Realty and Mark Smith are members of the Roatan Realtors Association, not all Utila Realty listings are included in the Bay Islands MLS.

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About the Roatan Realtors Association

Roatan Realtors Association LogoThe Roatan Realtors Association (RRA) was formed in the 2000’s by a group of real estate Brokers operating on the island of Roatan. The purpose of the Association is to protect the public (both Sellers and Buyers of real estate) by ensuring RRA members conform to a high level of professionalism and ethics – both Brokers (owners of a real estate office) and the Agents working with those Brokers. Since its formation The RRA has expanded its membership to include real estate Brokers and Agents throughout the Bay Islands of Honduras.

Be aware, not everybody selling real estate in the Bay Islands are members of the RRA. To ensure you receive the highest level of professionalism and ethical behavior only deal with an RRA member.

National Association of Realtors logoSometime during early 2007, the Roatan Realtors Association (RRA) determined their credibility would be further enhanced if they were to become affiliated with the USA based National Association of Realtors®. As a result every member of the RRA is also required to be an International Member of the National Association of Realtors® (NAR) and is required to abide by the NAR Code of Ethics.

CANABIRH (Honduras National Chamber of Real Estate logoEvery member of the Roatan Realtors Association (RRA) is also affiliated with the Cámara Nacional de Bienes Raíces de Honduras (CANABIRH) – the Honduras National Chamber of Real Estate.