I have a beachfront lot in Rock Harbor, Utila. I am working with Mark Smith. I just wanted you to know how much I like working with Mark. As a Real Estate Broker in Florida, I find Mark knowledgeable, very diligent, and communicates in a timely and clear manner. He has always gone the extra mile for me working on weekends and long into the evening. I look forward to completing the listing agreement this weekend. I appreciate your efforts in making the sale of my lot.
Update – My beachfront lot in Rock Harbor has now been sold by Mark.

Stewart A.

Florida, USA

I first encountered Mark Smith before he became a RE/MAX Agent. When I could not obtain a clear explanation from my Honduras Attorney, Mark helped me understand how the Honduras Corporation I was forming to purchase property in the Bay Islands was established, functioned, and managed. Mark gave me all the information and knowledge I was looking for – everything I needed to know and then some – and he did all this for free!
I doubt you will find a more helpful & competent Real Estate Agent in Utila.

Brett W.

Texas, USA

I first met Mark Smith when he was volunteering at the Utila Community Clinic back in 2002 and we quickly became friends.
At that time he helped me getting donated medical equipment shipped from the US to Utila.
Since then he has helped me with many other issues in Utila. When I decided to retire and spend most of my time in the USA, he transacted the sale of my Utila Real Estate holdings to a Honduras Corporation and sorted out all the wrinkles and technicalities associated with the sale. Mark worked closely with the Honduras Attorneys for several months to prepare and have everything ready for my signature. I didn’t need to do anything other than come to Utila, review the final documents with him and the Attorneys, and sign. It couldn’t have been more painless and efficient.
I have no hesitation in recommending Mark Smith as one of the best Real Estate Agents I have ever dealt with.
Please contact Mark if you would like my phone number or email. I would be happy to confirm this endorsement to anybody who asks.

Bobby T.

Mobile, Alabama

When I started thinking about buying some land and building a house in Utila island, the owners of the land recommended to me Mr.Mark Smith as a Realtor and adviser in legal matters concerning the deal.
Mr. Smith agreed to meet me personally without delay and he gave me a lot of his time and patience to explain not only the conditions of the deal but a lot of other procedures however remotely connected to conditions on Utila and Honduran law.
We talked for a long time and I trusted him completely.
Besides the lovely couple from which I planed to buy the land, Mr.Mark was the other person who contributed greatly to my final decision.
He knows every aspect of laws and he is gifted to explain them even to an unacquainted person. My decision and choice of a lawyer was even more important because all the procedures had to be done by emails between Europe and Utila.
And I was right, during following months Mr.Smith took care of every thing associated with the deal, sorted out all the paperwork and regularly informed me about the progress.
By now, thanks to Mr.Smith, the land is mine, the house is being built and I am moving in in a few month time.
I do not hesitate to recommend Mr. Smith to anybody who is searching a reliable and expert advice and service.

Hana B.

Prague, Czech Republic

My husband and have had the pleasure of working with Mark on two issues regarding clearing up the title to two of our properties.
Both were handled very professionally and the outcome of both issues was in our favor (and the law!).
One issue involved a disputed property line and lagoon access, Mark patiently worked with the Utila Municipality for years to get the outcome we needed, keeping us informed with each step (numerous visits to the Municipality). Our land and home documents are now without issues.
The other issue was a boundary rectification with the Municipality as their records did not match our boundaries and the location of our property!
Again, tenacious efforts to have our title, property lines, survey and municipal documents all matching, we were able to sell this piece of property a couple of months ago.
Mark is personable and trustworthy.
He has a fine mind for detail and a tenacious spirit that is needed to solve tough issues in the Honduran Real Estate realm.
We highly recommend Mark and would be happy speak with anyone concerning his work for us.

Carrell & Marty E.

Formerly from Texas, USA

After searching for some land unsuccessfully we were lucky to call Mark Smith on a late Saturday afternoon. We explained that we wanted Beach Front in a certain price bracket.
9:00 AM next morning Mark arrives by boat and takes my wife and I to the South Shore which was for us a most attractive area. We bought the Lot at once.
Mark introduced us to what turned out to be a very competent builder, and meanwhile we bought the Lot next door. Mark organizing some finance arrangements for us with the owner.
That is the easy part. In a foreign country, knowing the laws and conditions for building would have been very difficult for us.
Mark handled everything, and years later still keeps us updated on relevant information (new tax laws for example) and has provided what is in fact great after sales service. His local legal knowledge is outstanding.
We would not hesitate to recommend Mark’s services.

Geoffrey B.

Florida, USA

After being screwed over by another Real Estate company in Utila (not RE/MAX) who had failed to properly register my Utila property Title Deeds and declined to resolve the problems they caused, I contacted Mark Smith who I knew of by reputation only. Mark was extremely helpful in analyzing the problems and explaining them to me. He formulated a plan of action which I approved, and he was able to solve the problems while I remained in Canada. When I returned to Utila he gave me all the necessary documentation which I had been trying to obtain for over a year. I don’t know what I would have done if Mark had not helped. We have been firm friends ever since.
He is the first and only Real Estate Agent I will be contacting if I ever decide to sell my Utila property.

Brian S.

British Columbia, Canada

We have known Mark Smith for several years. We met him while he was working in a Real Estate office in the Bay Islands.
He was the one we called upon to help us with property issues. He is knowledgeable, dependable, and trustworthy.
He follows through and is very organized. He made it a point to inform us of changes in the Honduran real estate tax laws.
He eventually sold two properties we owned in Utila and had been trying to sell for years.
He kept us fully informed during every step of the process.
We heartily recommend Mark for any Real Estate related business.

Frank & Rhonda K.

Mesa, Arizona

I purchased land in Utila back in 2008. Although I had been living in Utila as a British ex-pat for some years, I was relatively naive with regard to Real Estate and trusted the Real Estate company (not RE/MAX) who sold me the land to properly manage and execute the sale. It was only when I applied for a Municipal Building Permit I discovered I did not legally own the land!!! After arguing for over 2 years with the Real Estate cowboys who sold me the land to fix the problem, I heard about a new (at that time) Real Estate Agent called Mark Smith. He took on my problem and negotiated on my behalf with a whole bunch of people including some dodgy Honduras Attorneys to get the problems solved. I can’t imagine what I would have done without him. Once Mark had fixed the problems he continued to help to obtain my Building Permit. We remain good friends to this day and I am happily retired and living in my wonderful house in Utila.
I can’t recommend a more capable and cooperative Real Estate Agent in Utila

Annie C.

Formerly from Cornwall, UK

Mark Smith is a Realtor who will go above and beyond the call of duty. After we had purchased our property on Utila, through a different Realtor (not RE/MAX), we discovered there was a potential problem with the title. Mark took this on board even though he had not been involved in the original sale, he researched the deeds going right back and identifying where the problem originated. He sought advice from lawyers and then secured a document that shows our entitlement to hold the property. That was such a relief and we cannot thank him enough, to take this on when he personally gained nothing, just shows his true character. We will be using Mark when we sell our property, no question!!

Liz & Ian C.

Formerly from Glasgow, UK